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Isn’t it hard, working on your own?

No Human Resource Manager, Financial Director, Director of Sales, Marketing Manager – just you.

What about collaborating with a small group of trusted business owners who can give you the advice and support you need?

The Directors Forum is a safe place to share challenges, be inspired, learn and be accountable to.  The objective is to make you a Future Proof Director.

“Can’t thank you enough for the session today, I really benefitted from it enormously!! You have a great format and offering with the Director’s Forum – the access to a credible range of consultants, the breadth and depth of topics they cover. I like the format of the meetings as well and think it makes perfect sense how you have structured it.”

Rachel Locke, Director, Virtual Approval

At each monthly meeting you will enjoy...
  • Attend a monthly meeting to network and collaborate with other Directors and Business Owners
  • A chance to share your own monthly challenge
  • Advice about what to do next
In between sessions you will also receive...
  • Access to a private group to help you solve current issues, or get connected to potential contacts
  • Invitation to join the monthly group coaching hour and Sales Q&A session
  • The choice to upgrade to include a one-to-one coaching session to discuss your actions that transpired from the main meeting
Your membership - your choice
  • Decide your area of focus, and you can blend your monthly plan
  • Sprinkle more benefits into your business by inviting other key players to additional training sessions on sales and mindset

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